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Then Came Four on Amazon
Dinner at Tony Napoli's on Barnes and Noble
Then Came Four
Fiction 2024 / 328 Pages
"In Detroit, when you were the wrong color, at the wrong place, at the wrong time…"

In 1964, the City of Detroit was a different place. The radio airwaves were filled with the sounds of Motown, the Beach Boys, and the eclectic songs of the British Invasion. Young teenagers were racing their Ford Mustangs and Pontiac GTO’s down Woodward and Gratiot Avenues. They were living carefree lives, far away from the urban unrest, the Civil Rights movement, and the Vietnam War.

Back then, the streets of the Motor City were aggressively patrolled by its racist police department, led by their tactical four-man patrol squads who forcefully controlled the city. They enforced an unspoken curfew that only applied to African Americans, as many of them were harassed for simply walking the streets after midnight. In the Thirteenth Precinct, their ‘Tac Squad’ was notoriously called ‘The Big Four’. These four corrupt police officers pursued young blacks, as many of them were abused and detained. Black prostitutes who walked the streets after hours were routinely raped and beaten.  Read More / Video Trailer

Dinner at Tony Napoli's
Dinner at Tony Napoli's on Barnes and Noble
Dinner at Tony Napoli's
Fiction 2023 / 335 Pages
"If ‘dem walls could only talk…"

It was the end of a Chicago era. Antonio ‘Tony Napoli’ Sorrentino has finally closed his legendary restaurant in the heart of the West Loop. It has been a gathering place for prominent politicians, famous entertainers, renowned dignitaries, and of course …well-known mobsters. Often dubbed as the ‘Artie Bucco’ of the Chicago Outfit, 87-year-old Tony Sorrentino has decided to close his celebrated restaurant after 57 years. Suffering from late-stage cancer, the time had come to sell his property to a local developer and close his business for good. The demolition equipment arrived to begin annihilating his prominent restaurant one November afternoon. As Sorrentino sat in his Cadillac across the street, he uttered the words that so many FBI agents often wondered out loud: “If ‘dem walls could only talk.”   Read More / Video Trailer

Terrie Darragh  Five Stars
You may have read other "mob" books, but this one will keep you reading way past your bedtime! I actually turned out the light once, and had to give up and turn it back on because I couldn't stop wondering what was next! The insight, the details, the horror of some things that happened, you have a hard time believing this is fiction because you can almost see it happening as the story unfolds. And it just keeps unfolding! I loved this book! I was scared, entertained, shocked, and touched. Mr. Izzi hits on all cylinders with this one! Don't miss it!

Casey C.  Five Stars
Great crime fiction novel
The reader will enjoy each story line and how they are connected to one another throughout the book and the ending. The book never has a dull moment and is easy to follow.

Contracts For Sale
Contracts For Sale on Barnes and Noble
Contracts For Sale
Fiction 2022 / 330 Pages
"How would you like to hire the services of an elite group of professional assassins?"

Chicago Sun-Times Reporter Paul Crawford is asked to investigate a series of recent murders he eventually calls the ‘Houdini Victims’. He begins with the investigation of a corporate executive who vanishes from a parking garage in the Chicago Loop, without a trace. The most unusual fact about this crime is that there is no body, no DNA evidence, no surveillance cameras, and no fingerprints. It is quite obvious that this murder was done by a professional, and neither Crawford nor his Channel Eight reporter buddy, Chaz Rizzo, can figure out who it is.   Read More / Video Trailer

Dremel22  Five Stars
My heart is still pounding
Contracts for Sale by Edward Izzi literally had my heart pumping so hard while reading through it. The book starts out at the Northwest Chemical Company plant during a summer night and the reader is greeted with the sight of two men barging into the building with a vinyl back holding a dead body. The body is tossed into a barrel and that barrel is filled with hydrofluoric acid. Now, I am not sure if you can picture what that could potentially do to a body, but if you can, you will cringe as hard as I did.

The story centers around reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times named Paul Crawford who is starting to get quite bored with the normal run of the mill stories that he has been covering during his thirty-three years working at the Newspaper. What he does not know is that is world is about to change when he is tasked with investigating a string of disappearances that are soon revealed to be murders that leave to trace of a human having ever existed under the names of the victims at all. There is just no evidence to show where these people have gone. Eradication Inc., and those who are involved with the company have been making a lot of money and living it up, but people are truly starting to get nervous with the dark business, and they should be, especially when the person running the show can take you out at a moments notice and leave no traces of you as well. The author did a great job on this book, and I truly enjoyed reading it!

They Only Wear Black Hats
They Only Wear Black Hats on Barnes and Noble
They Only Wear Black Hats
Fiction 2021 / 327 Pages
"When the demons of evil draw innocent blood… their avengers will be wearing black hats."

Detective Mike Palazzola of Detroit's Third Precinct is good at catching the bad guys, especially those who commit brutal, heinous crimes. But after several mishandled criminal cases, he becomes increasingly frustrated with the judicial system and its prosecutors. The alleged murderers he worked so hard to capture and indict are either dismissed on a legal technicality, exonerated, or given lenient sentences by the court system.   Read More...

Douglas Janes  Five Stars
A great read!
Izzi has perfected his writing skills. It was a great read that flowed easily. His style is a little more informative and it makes you wonder what's the twist going to be. We'll just wait because it's coming. Its definitely enjoyable and a must read. Congratulations Edward you've done it again.

Paul Lappen  Five Stars
A gem of a novel
In any big-city judicial system, there will always be a few bad guys who commit brutal, heinous crimes. They manage to get freed on a technicality, or get a lenient sentence. What can a person do, except get very frustrated?

Detroit Detective Mike Palazzola learns of a secret society called "The Archangels," who have been dispensing their own brand of justice for almost 100 years. There is a very limited membership; a new member has to be recommended by a present member. Palazzola, and crusading reporter Justine Cahill, are starting to close in on them. The FBI has an inside informant, so they want everyone else to back off. By this time, the Archangels are out of control. They are killing anyone, including disgruntled Society members, who get anywhere near exposing them. Do Mike and Justine survive, and live "happily ever after?" Do The Archangels continue dispensing "justice," or are they stopped, permanently?

This is a gem of a novel. It's a tough and gritty police novel, with more than enough violence, and it's got a secret society. There is plenty of good writing, with good characters, and this is very much worth reading.

The Buzz Boys
The Buzz Boys on Barnes and Noble
The Buzz Boys
Fiction 2021 / 335 Pages
"When The Demons Come, Death Always Follows."

Chicago Attorney Robert Mazzara has just been informed of the suicide death of his childhood friend, Marco Pezza. The two of them grew up together in a small suburb in Chicago during the turbulent sixties and seventies, when the issues of household violence were seldom ever addressed. Along with their best friends, Petey Rodriguez, Billy Kozar and Johnny Orozco, they all experienced the coming-of-age events that all young boys go through during grade school and high school, with one exception: They were all survivors of severe physical and sexual child abuse.   Read More...

Lori M. Munoz  Five Stars
Another great book!
Just love this author! Great read, had me hooked from the first chapter. I feel like I am right there in the book, feeling, seeing and hearing everything the characters are doing. Such details of the places and happenings go into his books. Always take me right back to my childhood growing up in EP and Chicago. I can not get enough of his writing, always leaves me wanting more. Can’t wait for the next book.

Mike B  Five Stars
Wonderful and Gripping Tale
The author tells the story of Original Sin as so many of us experience it: Upfront, close and personal. Well worth the read!

Douglas Janes  Five Stars
Izzy comes out griping your attention in the first chapter. You won't put it down!
This book is a whole new writing style and subject matter deviating from Izzy's murder mystery's. It is definitely going to pull on your heart strings. It will also infuriate you at times. One thing for sure it will gripe you and you won't want to set it down. Izzy has done it again and wrote a best seller.

When A Rook Takes The Queen
When A Rook Takes The Queen on Barnes and Noble
When A Rook Takes The Queen
Fiction 2021 / 500 Pages
"The City of Chicago is up for grabs."

Chicago Tribune Reporter Larry McKay has his hands full. He has been assigned to investigate the recent assassination of Chicago's Mayor Janice Kollar in a tumultuous summer that has included riots, looting, and a city out of control. With Mayor Kollar's long list of political enemies, McKay doesn't know where to start. But he soon discovers a weekly gambit at St. Simeon's Church Rectory on West 79th Street between two of Chicago's most notable individuals; Former grand chess master and now Catholic priest, political activist Fr. Colin J. Fitzgerald, and organized crime boss Anthony 'Little Tony' DiMatteo. Their weekly chess matches have allowed 'Fr. Fitz' to become the new family consigliere, and he is now Little Tony's most trusted advisor. Together, they have been plotting ways to circumvent the recent city violence by using 'The Outfit's' brutal methods to control its gangs and outlaws and bring peace back to the Windy City.   Read More...

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Douglas Janes  Five Stars
Buy it Read it Enjoy it!
Fabulous author. I've read all his books. If you like Grisham he's got nothing on Izzi!

Anthony Crivella  Five Stars
When A Rook Takes The Queen is another exciting book from Edward Izzi. Personally, my favorite aspect of Edward's books, to date, is the weaving and reintroduction of past characters like Michael Prescott, Chaz Rizzo and Detective Dorian. The authors detailed description brings the characters to life or adds another dimension to the previous introduction.

This story is another fascinating marriage of the Catholic Church, organized crime and politics. Thanks you Mr. Izzi. I can not wait for the next.

El Camino Drive
El Camino Drive on Barnes and Noble
El Camino Drive
Fiction 2020 / 450 pages
"His lifeless body, soaked in blood, from a battle he couldn't survive. His spirit now one, of many ghosts... of El Camino Drive."

Detective John Valentino from Detroit's Third Precinct knows El Camino Drive very well... his father was murdered there over forty years ago. On Halloween 1978, Antonio Valentino was gunned down after work by three men, alleging that he was having an affair with one of their wives. He was shot in cold blood, and his killers were later exonerated, claiming self-defense. They believed that a toy pistol in the victim's pocket was an actual weapon. In a very public declaration after the murder trial, his uncle Rossano Valentino announces a vendetta against his brother's killers.   Read More...

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Douglas Janes  Five Stars
Hold on tight there are a few sharps turns in this book.
I've read each of Izzi's books. Each book has been a very good read. You can see his skills progressing with each book. His suspense and creative twists make it difficult to put the book down. If you haven't read his prior books you should do so first. He makes reference to prior characters and it will help you in the next books. Two thumbs up for Mr Izzi and his wonderful imagination.

Michele Roberson  Five Stars
Great Mystery
El Camino Drive by Edward Izzi is a suspense novel filled with all your favorites- cops, mafia, mystery and figuring out what makes the bad guy tick. The author does a good job of laying out all the main characters and describing the scenes as to encapsulate readers from the get go. Each chapter ferrets out small clues that allows ready to try to figure out the greatest mystery of who is doing it and why. It brings the entire family history into view so that readers can see the full family dynamic Why is this murderer leaving behind lines of poetry and how does the little green water gun from Chapter 1 tie in to his work? As much as readers see the actual killer being brought to justice, they have to watch as the family members are each proven innocent. Izzi does a great job of tying this all together as readers want his son to get justice for his father and instead watch as he is put in as a suspect in the new murders. Could it be the uncle who declared vengeance years earlier? The entire book is laid out so readers never know who exactly done it until the very end. If you enjoy trying to figure out twists and turns to make sense of the outcome then this is the book for you. It has a Criminal Minds vibe and keeps readers completely interested from start to finish. Izzi does a good job of writing the flaws into his characters and still leavings the audience rooting for them to overcome.

Quando Dormo on Amazon
Quando Dormo on Barnes and Noble
Quando Dormo (When I Sleep)
Read Critic Review / Fiction 2020 / 395 pages
Dr. David Fazio is a maternity physician at Chicago-Western Medical Hospital. He is a handsome, divorced baby doctor who has more than his share of personal flaws. But Dr. Fazio has one good moral quality going for him: He is a pro-life obstetrician. In a state where late term abortions are now legal, he is currently being strongly encouraged by the hospital to perform abortions to any patient requesting one.

Dr. Fazio has one other problem... he has horrific sleep issues and has been known to be a sleepwalker. He wakes up one morning with severe burns on his hands, while a family planning clinic one block away has burned down to the ground with casualties. The authorities are now suspicious, as the 'Abortion Arsonist' is burning down clinics in Chicagoland, and Dr. Fazio has no clue who it is. Every time Dr. Fazio sleeps, he has no concept of where he'll wake up or any memory of what damage he may have done the night before...

Anthony Crivella  Five Stars
Izzi does it again!
This is my 4th Izzi book to date. I really enjoy the in-depth character building as wells the intertwined way that the Author brings in the characters from his other books. With each one you have a sense that you know "who dunnit" but there is always a twist that makes you rethink your choice. Great ending and I cannot wait for the next book. Well done Ed!

Douglas Janes  Five Stars
Amazing Book!
This is the fourth book I've read by the author. He has definitely fine tuned his writing skills. The story gives just enough to tease your mind and having you attempting to figure out what direction the plot will take you. Two thumbs up for this book and go back and read his others if you haven't as yet.

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Terrie Darragh  Five Stars
Pulled Another All-Nighter!!!
This book is so timely, and I loved being able to see "both sides" of the story!!! I wasn't ready, again, for where Izzi takes us with his surprises! Just when I thought "AHA! I've got it!", he flattens me with another curve-ball!!!! So enjoyed this story, and I'm always mad at myself when I finish because I'm never ready to let go!!!!!! Keep up the good work, and get on it......we're waiting........

izzi731  Five Stars
Amazing Book!
After recently discovering the work of Edward Izzi, I cannot get enough of his thrillers, which pull the reader into the middle of many heart-thumping scenarios. Dr. David Fazio is an obstetrician in Chicago with quite the reputation. His strong, pro-life views have made his work somewhat controversial, as he refuses to perform any abortive procedures on expectant mothers. This has been made even more controversial with the recent passage of a partial-birth abortion bill by the Illinois legislature. Not only is Fazio known for his strong views, but he is quite the Casanova, having gone through and disposed of many nurses on the maternity ward. His sexual prowess cannot be denied, but he has amassed enough enemies to fill the entire ward. When he wakes from a horrible nightmare, Fazio discovers that his hands are burnt. Not long thereafter, news emerges that a family planning clinic on the other side of the street is up in flames, with people still inside. Fazio’s history of sleeping issues, paired with his a rival in various locales without his knowledge does him no good, as he wonders what might be going on. One of the fire battalion chiefs and a detective with the CPD also begin to wonder if he might have played a role. When a second family planning clinic goes up in flames and Fazio is in the area, unsure how he made it to his car, he heads the list of suspects being considered the Abortion Arsonist. He has all the trademark signs and refuses to back away from his staunch pro-life views. But, with so many who wish to see him come tumbling down, might someone be trying to point the finger at the doctor? In a story that does not allow the reader any chance to catch their breath, Izzi spins a tale like no other. Recommended for those who love high-velocity thrillers, as well as the reader who can handle the politics of the abortion debate.

I cannot say enough about Edward Izzi, particularly his writing skills. Izzi lays the groundwork for a sensational story and builds on it from there, never taking a moment to lull the reader into some form of calm. David Fazio serves as a wonderful protagonist, even if he may not be loved by all readers. His strong views on the abortion question are bluntly presented throughout but seem overshadowed by his desire to conquer all women with his wiles. Fazio comes from a strong Italian family but seems more interested in bedding whomever crosses his path. Add to that, his horrible sleeping patterns and dreams that leave him wondering what he might have done. Fazio is surely in a conflicted state and one the reader will want to explore more thoroughly in this piece. Other characters serve to prop up Fazio’s various life choices throughout, while also adding depth to some of the plot lines that Edward Izzi seeks to explore. As with all the novels, there are some returning characters, though they play background roles, not impeding the flow of the story or the strength of the core characters. While all novels are stand-alones, the reader can get a little glimpse of some character development for these returning individuals, should they wish. The premise of the story was quite masterful, serving to address the abortion topic, sleep issues, and one man’s attempt to rise above both. Izzi mentioned having some loose ties to the Fazio character, which makes the story even stronger. I cannot wait to see what else is to come, for Edward Izzi has surely made a fan out of me. Brilliant work and so poignant!

Demons of Divine Wrath at Amazon
Demons of Divine Wrath on Barnes and Noble
Demons of Divine Wrath
Read Critic Review / Fiction 2019 / 484 pages
When Chicago mobster Don Carlo Marchese is found hanging from the 18th story window of the Blackstone Hotel, Reporter Paul Crawford of the Chicago Sun Times is assigned to investigate. He finds out that Don Carlo was brokering art works for the Vatican's Pope Emeritus Honorius V (Josef Cardinal Schroder). Because of all the innumerate sexual molestation lawsuits that have been settled by many archdiocese's internationally, the Vatican has been in dire need of money, and began the process of liquidating Vatican Museum artworks. Last July, Hermann Kalkschmidt, the son of a former Nazi officer, is found dead in his Munich apartment. Hidden in his attic for the last seventy-five years, are forty-two paintings stolen by the Nazi's from Florence's Uffizi Gallery in 1943. His second cousin, Chicago art dealer Wolfgang Schmidt is suspected of having his cousin killed by the professional assassin Stefano Iannucci for possession of these paintings. The Pope Emeritus, “Papa Onorio” believes that these stolen paintings really belong to the Vatican Museum. He decides to try to recover the stolen art collection, believing that their recovery back to Rome would restore his abysmal public image. He turns to Chicago mobster Don Carlo Marchese to retrieve these works of art.
Apparently, Pope Pius XI consigned the valuable art collection to Mussolini back in 1938, to be stored in safekeeping at the Uffizi Museum. He feared that if Hitler ever invaded Rome, the Vatican artworks would be looted. But in November 1943, the opposite occurred. Florence was invaded, and the Nazi's discovered 103 Jewish refugees hiding in one of Florence's basilicas. The paintings were traded to the Nazi's for the lives of these Jews, who were supposed to be transported to Switzerland. They were sent to the Auschwitz concentration camps instead.

When Marchese double crosses Papa Onorio, he hires “contract killer” Stefano Iannucci to stop at nothing, including murder, to retrieve those paintings. Meanwhile, Florence's Giammarco crime family is in search of the Uffizi art collection as well, in conflict with the Vatican over their true ownership. Blood and dead bodies start appearing everywhere, from Chicago to Munich to Detroit to Florence, and the search for these paintings and especially, Fra Filippo Lippi's valuable masterpiece “Demons of Divine Wrath” remain at large.

A bloody crime war has now ensued between the Vatican and the international underworld, with the Pope Emeritus trying to restore his Vatican papal legacy, while fighting with the Marchese and Giammarco crime families for the recovery of these invaluable Renaissance masterpieces.

Lori M. Munoz  Five Stars
Another great read!
Good story line, kept me turning the pages. Really enjoy this author. I love the mafia and church themes of his book. Can’t wait for the next book. Quick read.

Terrie Darragh  Five Stars
Once again, keeping up all night!
Wow! I read a lot, and pride myself on figuring it out pretty quick! Good luck with this one! Just when I thought I had it...BAM! I'd been thrown in an entirely different direction!!! A real good story that will keep you from your chores!!! Enjoy ALL of this authors stories!! Check this one out, for sure!!

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Anthony Crivella  Five Stars
I felt like i was there!
This is my favorite of the 3 Edward Izzi novels. I was sucked into the characters and changed my theory of "whodonit" several times. I really liked the descriptive nature that the author uses to put us on location with every scene. Well done.

Douglas Janes  Five Stars
This is a must read.
This is the third book of Izzie’s that I have read. He is maturing his skills and it just adds to a great adventure in your mind. Great book and a must read.

Ken Martorana  Five Stars
A must read
My first read by this author..... a real page turner, simply could not put it down!!! Has all the elements: intrigue, betrayal, murder. The twists and turns make it A must read. Can’t wait to read Izzi’s other works. Well done sir!!!

Ginette Piagentini  Five Stars
As always, I am mesmerized by this author’s heavy-hitting storylines and plots! Imagine how challenging it would be to take on a story like the Vatican forging “unholy” alliances to retrieve stolen Renaissance art by the Nazi’s and all in order to pay reparations to sexual abuse victims by the church. Edward does this amazingly well by weaving a story based on historical facts and current day issues with the cleverness only a talented author could do.

What most impresses me is his character development. We see the humanness of his characters…Paul Crawford, a loyal, dedicated reporter who “gets to the bottom” of every story and shares these same qualities when it comes to love only to feel the sting of betrayal. Veronica a beautiful, savvy art curator who manages to entice Paul Crawford to further her own selfish agenda in securing the stolen Uffizi art. The greed and cunning of Pope Honorius who is willing to “sell his soul” to preserve his legacy in history and forms a dangerous liaison with Stefano Iannucci – a callous, debonair, money-hungry hitman who will stop at no one and nothing in getting the job done. The Demons of Divine Wrath is a book that is packed with tense moments and interesting twists that exceed a book lover’s expectations. What could this author possibly think of next?! I’m hooked!

Amazon A Rose from the Executioner
A Rose from the Executioner on Barnes and Noble
A Rose from the Executioner
Read Critic Review / Fiction 2019 / 424 pages
Detective Philip Dorian of the 16th Chicago Precinct is called to investigate the serial killing and mutilation of retired, former pedophile priests in the Chicagoland area. It becomes later discovered that Monsignor Joseph Kilbane, chief of staff to the Cardinal, had previously approached his childhood friend, Anthony 'Little Tony' DiMatteo to lend him a "hit man' to commit the murders of these pedophile ex-priests for their insurance money. Although the plot sounds interesting, Little Tony isn't interested, and the Monsignor abandons the idea. During the reigns of prior Chicago bishops and cardinals over the last fifty years, many of these former pedophile priests were allegedly, forced to resign and sheltered away from criminal prosecution, with the caveat that they allow the Archdiocese of Chicago to be the beneficiary of their large life insurances policies.
A Rose from the Executioner
Purchase directly from the Author:
These policies were taken out on these former priests 'as a form of penance for their lives of being sexual predators'. With the innumerate sexual child abuse lawsuits that have been currently filed and settled by the Archdiocese, they are now on the brink of bankruptcy. A serial killer is now out there, and Monsignor Kilbane has no idea who is perpetrating these gruesome homicides, essentially framing him and the Archdiocese for these "Pedophile Priest Murders".

John J Brescia  Five Stars
Excellent writing!
Edward Izzi's timing for the release of this novel is uncanny, as the Archdiocese of Chicago is actually selling off land next to Holy Name Cathedral to help defray the costs for sexual child abuse. He questions and balances the moral dilemma of viligantism vs. a detective trying to allow the law to deal with injustice. And yes we still get some of the mysticism of Da Vinci Code. It is entertaining, yet it certainly reminds us of our need for diligence in reporting and working to stop all forms of human abuse, especially child abuse.

Kevin Ciccone  Five Stars
Great Book, hard to put down
This author definitely has great talent. Excellent storyline well written a very hard book to put down I will now buy by the next book by him.

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Paul Giannini  Five Stars
A great read...grabs you from the beginning!
This is a great read that fantasizes about the serial killing of pedophile priests in Chicagoland. The storyline starts with Monsignor Kilbane asking his childhood Mafia friend, Little Tony DiMatteo to lend him a 'hitman' so the Archdiocese can collect on the insurance policies taken out on these old pedophile priests over 35 years ago. DiMatteo turns him down, but several months later, pedophile priests are turning up being butchered and Kilbane or DiMatteo know nothing about them. Detective Philip Dorian of the Chicago P.D. starts the investigation, and the plot takes some interesting twists and turns along with some deviant surprises along the way. There's also some romance between Dorian and Olivia Laurent, the Great Lakes Insurance executive assigned to investigate the Archdioceses insurance claims on these murdered priests. Pay attention to the Society of the Rose Crucifix, their SRC rings, and more hints as to who the killer or killers really are. It's an intense murder mystery that the leaves the reader thirsting for more drama with every chapter, with a shocking ending that will knock you off your chair! You won't want to put this one down!

Terrie Darragh  Five Stars
I've got to catch up on everything I've been neglecting, as everytime I put this book down, I would say, "Okay, just one more chapter!" This story is so timely, with all the "news" lately, and I really liked the way it presented the storyline, and the characters. You never knew whose side you were supposed to be on, and the twists and turns had me guessing....and not correctly! Loved it!

Michelangelo S  Five Stars
This book is definitely a rose in a book isle full of dandelions!
Great story line. I finished this author's first book in 2 sittings and this one in 4. Too hard to put them down. Every time I wanted to put it down for the evening, I would say just one more chapter, four chapters later, I was still reading. It was great to see the names of many familiar streets and the schools I went to in the book. Made for a very fun read. The ending was a total surprise. I look forward to book 3 form this new and exciting author.

Amazon Customer  Five Stars
Another great book!
Another great book by Edward Izzi! Enjoyed very much! Looking forward to book number three!

Of Bread and Wine on Amazon
Of Bread and Wine on Barnes and Noble
Of Bread & Wine
Read Critic Review / Fiction 2018 / 377 pages
Chicago criminal attorney Michael Prescott is on holiday in Rome, and visits with his best friend, Monsignor Robert Cavalieri, a Special Diplomat to the Vatican. He is informed by “Fr. Rob” that Giovanni Cardinal Masellis, the “Mafia Cardinal”, who was once considered the most evil and influential cardinals at the Vatican in his day, has made a deathbed confession to him before his passing as to the details of the death and poisoning murder of Pope John Paul I. Masellis confesses to also spearheading the massive cover-up surrounding the pope's poisoning death in September, 1978. Unfortunately, his confession is secretly recorded by the Italian newspaper “La Republicca” and their ambitious editor, Max Gianforte. He desperately tries to find other sources within the Vatican to confirm the Cardinal's deathbed revelations.
Of Bread & Wine
Purchase directly from the Author:
The Vatican is now concerned over the effects such media disclosure will have on the reputation of the Catholic Church. Almost forty years after the mysterious death of the pope, the Vatican is imbrued with the various documents and specific details regarding the circumstances of his death, especially the missing “Coins of Gregorio” a priceless gift donated by an influential Italian mobster, Don Giancarlo Cesario, the night before Pope John Paul I's murder. The gift was an attempt to bribe and influence His Holiness in the Vatican investigation into the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, for which the Cesario Family and Cardinal Masellis was significantly involved.

Meanwhile, wine master Marco DiVito, the former Vatican head of security and a distant cousin of the Cesario Family, now oversees his vineyard near the foothills of Rome. He is nervous and apprehensive over meeting his long lost daughter, Sienna DiVito. She is a prominent investigative journalist with the Washington Post, and DiVito abandoned her as a little girl in Boston over twenty years ago. The Post has asked her to investigate “one of the biggest stories to come out of the Vatican in decades.” Michael meets Sienna after losing his wallet at the Café Michelangelo in Rome, and after a few chance meetings, they begin a relationship. They set in motion their investigative search together into the certainty of Masellis's deathbed revelations, but Michael never reveals his relationship with the Vatican. He tries to temper her investigative efforts in discovering the truth of the Pope John Paul I's death.

As rumors swirl around Rome after the death of Cardinal Masellis, Italian crime boss Calogero "Don Charlie” Cesario believes that the actual murderer also possesses these missing, priceless coins. The crime family is also unhappy with the La Republicca and their intention to insinuate their family's involvement in the beloved Pope's poisoning death. He points his suspicions towards DiVito, and threatens him to either return the missing coins to the crime family or there will be “dire” consequences towards him and his beloved daughter.

These revelations of the Vatican's most corrupt Cardinal and the Mafia's search for the return of their missing heirloom coins threaten the lives of Michael and Sienna, and their investigative search reveals the total corruption and instability of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

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Lori M. Munoz  Five Stars
Great read, did not want to put it down.
First time reading this author and loved the book. Could not put it down, finished it in 4 days. Good story line, kept me turning the pages from beginning to end. Enjoyed the characters and story, very detailed, felt like I was in Italy. Wish it did not end, I want more of Michael and Sienna. Loved the ending, well recommend to my book club.

Van A.  Five Stars
Great read beginning to end.
If you are fan of Dan Brown, you will enjoy this book. A good book will grab the reader within first 10 pages. Of Bread and Wine did that for me. I look forward to read next thriller-suspense of Michael Prescott. Congrats and excellent work on your first novel Ed Izzi.

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Ginette Piagentini  Five Stars
A Literary Opus
Giving any book a five-star rating is easy. However, the book "Of Bread and Wine" far surpasses this standard. What makes this author remarkable is the way he tells a story. He does so by bringing his "visualization to life" through his keen eye for detail of the characters and storyline. With each page turn, he keeps the reader engaged and wanting more until the story's final resolve. There are many surprises too! The ending was well thought. It did not have me wanting for more. Well, maybe, a little more... more from this author!

Alicia Kowalski  Five Stars
Great read! Fast shipping
I loved this book! Highly recommend. Great read! It shipped fast within a couple days.

Anthony Crivella  Five Stars
Great Pace
This book was very well written. I enjoyed all the characters, heroes and villains. it was very difficult to put down whenever I resumed reading. I appreciate the research and the historical flashbacks as I remember the papal changes of the 1970s. Well done, Ed.

John J Brescia  Five Stars
Watch out Dan Brown, a fun read, sequel?
Loved the Chicago-Italy connection, without having to leave my armchair, with just the right amount of suspense and romance