Synopsis / Author: Edward Izzi / 335 Pages – Fiction 2021

The Buzz Boys
"When the demons come, death always follows."

Chicago Attorney Robert Mazzara has just been informed of the suicide death of his childhood friend, Marco Pezza. The two of them grew up together in a small suburb in Chicago during the turbulent sixties and seventies, when the issues of household violence were seldom ever addressed. Along with their best friends, Petey Rodriguez, Billy Kozar and Johnny Orozco, they all experienced the coming-of-age events that all young boys go through during grade school and high school, with one exception: They were all survivors of severe physical and sexual child abuse.
The Buzz Boys
As they all grow up into young adults, the demons of their past, along with their abusive fathers, play a significant part on each and every one of their young lives. They all grow up coping with their horrific childhoods, their violent fathers, and the long-term impact it has taken throughout their adulthood.

Mazzara reflects on all of the tragic encounters and events that occurred during the last fifty years, culminating with his best friend's suicide. He realizes that he is now... the only one left.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Robby and Marco, along with Petey, Billy and Johnny... were once called 'The Buzz Boys'.

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