“Quando Dormo (When I Sleep)”

    Synopsis / Author: Edward Izzi / 395 Pages – Fiction 2020

Quando Dormo (When I Sleep)
Don’t close your eyes...

Dr. David Fazio is a maternity physician at Chicago-Western Medical Hospital. He is a handsome, divorced baby doctor who has more than his share of personal flaws. But Dr. Fazio has one good moral quality going for him: He is a pro-life obstetrician. In a state where late term abortions are now legal, he is currently being strongly encouraged by the hospital to perform abortions to any patient requesting one.

Dr. Fazio has one other problem... he has horrific sleep issues and has been known to be a sleepwalker. He wakes up one morning with severe burns on his hands, while a family planning clinic one block away has burned down to the ground with casualties. The authorities are now suspicious, as the 'Abortion Arsonist' is burning down clinics in Chicagoland, and Dr. Fazio has no clue who it is.

Every time Dr. Fazio sleeps, he has no concept of where he'll wake up or any memory of what damage he may have done the night before...

Quando i mostri vengono a giocare,
Quando gli occhi non possono mai chiudersi,
Possiate che gli angeli uccidono i demoni,
E mi abbracciano... quando dormo.

When the monsters come to play,
When one's eyes can never close,
May the angels slay the demons,
And embrace me ... when I sleep.

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